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“This is a must read for any bariatric surgery patient!

The author doesn’t sugarcoat anything. Having had surgery myself 15 years ago, and now being a Certified Bariatric Nurse, I’m always looking for ways to tell my new patients what reality will be like after weight loss surgery. She takes a very emotional subject and adds a personal twist to it, yet she does it with grace and respect.” ~Sherri F.

“This book inspired and helped me see that there’s so much more to this journey than experiencing surgery and losing weight.”

–Mary T.

This sounds like exactly what I need!

Now It’s Your Turn eWorkbook

The eWorkbook inspires you to plan for life beyond protein shakes and the scale. As you work through each exercise, turning insight into action, you’ll be reminded of the courage that’s brought you this far, and how with heart and mindset shifts you can stay on the path to living your best life with weight loss surgery.
  • Get to the heart of it. What are the circumstances that led to you not being a priority in your life and reaching the point of obesity? This awareness is critical to you setting a new path for your future.
  • Get clear on your WHY. The same things that motivated you to have surgery change over time. It’s important to dig deep and understand your big WHY. Plus, I’ll teach you HOW to create a plan so you can get the results you want!
  • Stay in your lane and stop comparison shame. Let’s talk about how your weight loss surgery journey is not a race or a reason to compare yourself to others. This is YOUR journey.
  • Shape your support circles. You’ll find you need different kinds of encouragement and inspiration on different days, from different people. Your support circles are invaluable. Here’s how to shape them.
  • Create your backup plans. You’re taking responsibility for what’s next. No more winging-it with your health. I’ll guide you through the steps of creating TWO separate plans so you can keep on living your best life with weight loss surgery no matter what comes up!
When you purchase the eBook+Audiobook you’ll receive your FREE eWorkbook via the email address you provide. When you purchase through AMAZON you’ll receive your FREE eWorkbook via email when you send your order number to [email protected].

I get the eWorkbook FREE? That’s Awesome!

“This book inspired and helped me to see

that there’s so much more to this journey than experiencing surgery and losing weight. The decision to have surgery is an experience that includes physical, spiritual and emotional transformation. Reading Mary’s story helps me to access deep seated feelings that kept me overweight. I love this book!” – Mary T.

“As a therapist, I am recommending this book to my clients…amazingly refreshing in its honesty, and solid practical tools. Mary’s personal story of a brave woman maintaining her integrity throughout her struggle with weight and relationships is inspiring.”

– Yaffa Balsam, LMFT

“Now It’s Mary’s Turn” isn’t just a book for those considering bariatric surgery or the newly operated, but it also serves those who want to rediscover their motivation and reclaim their weight loss journey.”

-Dr. Irit Gat, Ph.D.

eBook + Audiobook


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I’m ready to be inspired and reclaim my WLS journey!

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