Now It’s Mary’s Turn (eBook + Audiobook)


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You’d think after 10 years of working beside some of bariatric surgery’s finest surgeons, physicians, psychologists, dietitians and nurses, Mary would’ve known everything she needed to have the picture-perfect weight loss surgery story. What she learned after becoming a patient herself, changed everything.

“Your surgeon doesn’t implant self-control, willpower, or stress management techniques during surgery. The only thing that changed is the way your stomach works. The biggest work after weight loss surgery is within yourself.”

“If you’re preparing for surgery or had it recently, I hope the following stories encourage, inspire and motivate you to plan for life beyond protein shakes, vitamins, and the scale. If you’re further out from surgery and dealing with a plateau or regain, I hope these stories remind you of the courage you’ve already demonstrated, and how with a heart and mindset shift you can live the life you dreamed of before you had surgery.”

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